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Ranking at the top of search engines such as Google and Bing isn’t easy.

Search engine algorithms are more advanced then ever, so Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has changed dramatically over the past few years. Search engines are looking for targeted, quality websites full of unique, well written and interesting content.

We help them find it

At Portishead SEO we only use ethical SEO techniques. These offer much greater long-term success and do not penalise your site.

We work with our clients and measure campaign success on agreed metrics. There are no binding contracts for our SEO services.

We work with companies of all sizes, from sole-traders to multi-nationals and based in Portishead, Somerset, and all over the world.


SEO in Portishead, Somerset

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is no one-size-fits-all approach. Every business and website is different. Our strategies and techniques are tailored to each business in order to ensure success, however all our SEO services include:

Plain English

We will talk to you in language you can understand and not try and baffle you with technical jargon and marketing spin. We are friendly, positive and aproachable.

Content Analysis and optimisation

Content is a really important aspect of SEO. At Portishead SEO we pay very close attention to this area. We’ll check the quality of your site's existing content, as well as providing fully optimised additional copy where needed. We'll improve your internal links as well as your site structure, making your content both readable for your customers and friendly for search engines.

Keyword Analysis

We conduct thorough keyword research and analysis to ensure we target phrases that your customers actually use. We’ll help you select the best keywords (not the most obvious ones), analysing their search traffic and competition.

Technical Audit

Our SEO experts will carry out a full technical analysis of your site to find any issues and make it as user friendly as possible. We focus on URL structure, titles, meta descriptions as well as page loading speeds, duplicate content and redirects. We will set up your sitemap and robots.txt files if you don't already have them. All of these aspects assist your website in the ranking process and have the added benefit of improving your conversions.

Local SEO

Over 30% of all searches are local in intent. By focusing on local optimisation, your competition is only the other local businesses providing the same services as you. Your chance of conversion is massively improved as people finding your business are already in the market to buy. Local Search Optimisation can deliver an unrivalled return on investment.

Affordable SEO in Somerset

Get all of these great benefits for just £299 per month.

Email us to see what we can do for your site or phone us on 01275 265 331.


Website performance assessment only GBP199

Website Performance Assessment

Page load time and website performance isn't just important for your visitors, it affects your search engine rankings as well.

Keep visitors, save money

If a page takes too long to load, visitors will leave. Millions of sales are lost each year due to slow website performance. Slow sites can also cost more to run. Read our 5 simple tips that will speed up your website to get started.

Audit your site

Our in-depth site performance assessment costs just £199 and our performance experts will audit every aspect of your site looking for bottlenecks and suggesting improvements. If you are an SEO customer, we will give you 50% discount!

Improve performance

We can then work with you to improve your systems and add much needed speed to your site!

Our experts are masters of getting every last drop of performance from a site (no matter how large or small).

Performance Audit

Find out why your site is slow and how to make it faster for just £199.

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